Revue Mystique, Festivale Rispescia, Italia Afrika World Championship 2010, Munich Revue Mystique, Performance Paderborn Revue Mystique, Festivale Rispescia, Italia

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ZEBRA was ahead of its time with its African evening program, Moving Spirits, in 2000 – even before Andre Heller and the FIFA World Cup 2010. The show with live percussion is unfortunately no longer a part of ZEBRA repertoire, but the beautiful costumes are still in action – as part of the Revue Mystique and now and again for individual Africa-themed performances:
The light dancers, fire demon and the Spirit of the Bull (which, by the way, is our tallest character, measuring nearly 4.5 meters!). Beautiful, mysterious masked figures, some with fire and lighting effects.
Two ‘wild spirits’ were added to commemorate the World Cup in South Africa.

Show Variations:

  • Walk Act or animation: 2 – 5 stilt artists

Performance Highlights:

Big Italian Summer Tour (IT) 2003
Africa Night Opelzoo (DE) 2007 – 2011
Halloween in the Cologne zoo (DE) 2008
Fairytale Festival, Wattens, (AT) 2010/11

Premiered 2000

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