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Siegfried’s Dragon Revue Icon Strasse Icon Kinder

Siegfried (and sometimes Siegfried’s partner Sieglinde) struts proudly through the audience with the goodnatured, blue-eyed dragon, Paul. The pair presents their feats to nostalgic circus music. Siegfried lets Paul play soccer with the men and dance with the women and, at the end, the kids can climb a ladder and crawl under the dragon’s chin!

A hit for children both big and small – the oldest existing ZEBRA production: still young for a dragon!

Show Variations:

  • Combination of walk act and stationary street theater, 2 stilt artists

Performance Highlights

Harry Potter Event London (GB) 2002
Opening of Children’s Museum Neu-Ulm (DE) 2009
Company Party Brückner Siegsdorf (DE) 2010
Königsbrunn City Festival (DE) 2010 and 2011

Premiered 1989

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