Varietéfestival Dirk Denzer Munich, Early Morning Varietéfestival Dirk Denzer, Schweinfurt Varietéfestival Dirk Denzer, Schweinfurt tête-à-tête, Rastatt City Festival Vienna, Photographer: Christoph Breneis tête-à-tête, Rastatt Zong – the Show, Rudi Renner Production

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Extraterrestrials Street Theater Show Event

Mysterious figures appear to the sounds of spheric tones, weaving their way through the audience in slow motion. With extraordinarily long arms, these exceptional beings casually explore space and humanity.

Often copied, never matched! ZEBRA Stelzentheater’s trademark from the 90s is making a comeback.

Show Variations:

  • Walk Act: 2 – 7 stilt artists, 25 minutes
  • Open Air Show: 4 stilt artists, 20 minutes
  • Stage Show: 2 – 4 stilt artists, 6 – 10 minutes

Performance Highlights:

Dirk Denzer’s International Variety Festival (DE) 2009
Balloon Festival Toblach (IT) 2010
Kufstein Unlimited Festival (AT) 2011
DLD Woman Congress Munich (DE) 2011

Premiered in 1991, Visual Impact Prize 1997 and 1998 at Daidogei Street Theater World Cup in Shizuoka, Japan (Open Air Show)

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