Olympic Parc, Munich tête-à-tête, Rastatt tête-à-tête, Rastatt tête-à-tête, Rastatt tête-à-tête, Rastatt Carnevale Alessandria, Italia

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Cheeky, crafty, with a great sense of humor, the “Jumpers” mingle with people and carry out their absurd game, quick and high flying. Their good mood can get anyone to go beyond his own limits!

Superb masque in bright, sunny colours.

Show Variations:

  • Walk Act with jumping stilts: 2 – 4 stilt artists
  • Optionally with masks or hats

Performance Highlights:

»Festival of Nations« Dollywood (US) 2004 &2005
Theater Festival Hoogeven (NL) 2010
Wilhelmsstraßenfest Wiesbaden (DE) 2011

Premiered 2001

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