City Festival Vienna, Photographer: Christoph Breneis Congress Palais, Kassel Dubai, Burj-Al-Arab Oper Munich Flora and Fauna Cologne

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Definitely the sauciest numbers in the ZEBRA repertoire: they jump out into the world just like big, colorful children and want to see, touch, and get to know everything and everyone. They have the most jocular conversations in made-up languages and stick their long noses in everything that crosses their path …

Oskar Schlemmer meets toyland: colorful, turbulent animation. Not just for children.

Show Variations:

  • Walk Act with vignettes: 2 – 4 stilt artists
  • Best suited for Italian occasions

Performance Highlights:

Vienna City Festival (AT) 2009
Dubai Shopping Festival (UAE) 2002
Media Markt, Central Staff Event Cologne (DE) 2004

Premiered 1994

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